The board
CAS consists of 10 board members who arrange all the trips and events.
Name: Amanda Eliasson
Born: 1992
From: Hammarö
Section: AT
Position: Chairwoman of CAS
Favorite sport: Snowboarding,
skiing & climbing
Name: Martin Grothérus
Born: 1994
From: Örebro
Section: V
Position: Tresurer
Favorite sport: Everything involving speed!
Name: Anna Woxlin
Born: 1993
From: Gothenburg
Section: TD
Position: Communication
Favorite sport: Snowboard and surf
Name: Philip Gertzell
Born: 1990
From: I come from the
land down under (Everöd, Skåne)

Section: E
Position: VicePres and surftrip
Favorite sport: Ski and skateboard
Name: Robert Nyquist
Born: 1989, The 80s rock!
From: Älmhult.
Fuck yeah Småland!

Section: D
Position: The guy with the computer
Favorite sport: Snow, water and FHC!
Name: Ella Davidsson
Born: 1993
Section: AT
Position: Ruler of Hemsedal
Favorite sport: Volleyball
Name: Fritzi (Friederike ) Von Meissner
Born: 1989
Again, The 80s rock!
From: Hamburg
Section: A
Position: PR
International correspondent

Favorite sport: Kitesurfing and
Name: Emma Seebergs
Born: 1990
From: Jönköping
And again, Fuck yeah Småland!

Section: V
Position: Wake trip, alltiallo
Favorite food: toastmacka
Name: Marcus "the Knife" Edman
Born: 1993
From: the Seal (Sälen)
Section: I
Position: Fix free stuff and surf trip
Favorite sport: Snowboard
Name: Mauritz Philipson
Born: 1992
From: Resö
Section: V
Position: Ruler of the alps
Favorite sport: Freeriding